International Ministries

Pray for Kim Brown

June 22, 2010 PrayerCall
Kim’s work includes overseeing five Christ-like ministries for tribal people who are coping with the problems caused by AIDS, disabilities, and migration from their traditional villages to urban slums. Lack of land and employment has forced people from rural areas to cities to find work. They are often exploited on the job, and are at risk for being infected with the AIDS virus. The Thailand Karen Baptist Convention sponsors these ministries.


One of these ministries is the Christian Center For The Development of People With Disabilities (CDPD). It provides services, assistance, and God’s love to disabled children and their families from over 50 remote Hilltribe villages—in the Mae Hong Son Province located in northwest Thailand—where previously no help for the disabled was available.


The Community-Based Rehabilitation Project reaches out to families who are caring for disabled in tribal villages. The disabled are often hidden away. This project is designed to help the disabled reach their full potential and be accepted within their families and communities.


Kim writes: Someone once said—little kids, lots of little problems.  Big kids—not so many problems, but the ones they have are big!  Khun Amnuayporn and I are finding this to be a true statement.  I have known many of the HOL (House of Love) children since they were toddlers, but I am still finding adolescence to be a challenge.  Pray for Amnuayporn and me as we help these young adults figure out the value that God places on them and just how much He loves them.  We are still looking for another care-giver for the children—please pray that God would give us just the right person.

·School is back in session at the Christian Center for the Development of People with Disabilities as well.  Please be praying for wisdom for Khun Saylo as she writes a proposal for the future direction of the project.  There is a lack of vocational training in the province where the CDPD is located, but we are realizing that prevocational skills must be taught before vocational training can be put into place.

And yes—school has started for the House of Blessing day care children as well.  They have had the joy of a field trip this past month.  The 5th grade from Grace International School brought the children to a local garden (complete with labyrinth and camels) for a morning of fun, followed by a yummy lunch.  The 5th graders are the same group that did a Christmas and Easter party for the HOB children, so the field trip was a wonderful way for the daycare children to start their year, and the 5th graders to finish theirs!