International Ministries

Preparing for Our Return

April 17, 2002 Journal

Time is drawing to a close for us on our U.S. and Puerto Rico Assignment.We have visited numerous churches, fellowships, Baptist Women's rallies, conferences, and Sunday schools.We have met more people in the family of God in the past year than we thought was possible.We have thanked you and asked you to continue supporting us through your financial giving in World Mission Offering and the United Mission Offering.We have also thanked you for your prayers but asked you to continue to keep us in your prayers.

We return to South Africa in July of 2002 and feel renewed for the new spiritual, mental and physical challenges this second term will bring.One of our biggest challenges will be finding schooling for our elementary aged children in South Africa that is in line with the Western school calendar.The South African schools proved to be a real godsend for us, last term, but juggling the children between America and South Africa's differing school calendars and trying to determine what grade to put them in, both here and there, has proven to be quite challenging.

We have seen many of our old friends, and made many new friends, in the States and hope to keep up correspondence either online, by e-mail or regular mail during our four years back in South Africa.With the advent of the new missionary online journaling, we hope to keep you better in touch with our ministry and post our most recent activities, projects, praises and prayer needs.Currently, we ask that you pray with us that we find a home and the right school for our children.Also, that we will be able to continue hearing the voice of the Holy Spirit as we attempt to work alongside the Baptist Convention of South Africa, our partners in Christ.Please pray for our safety as we wind down our deputation scheduling and prepare our minds and hearts for the journey back to our mission field of service.

In Christ,

Charles and Sarah West and our three little missionaries