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June 17, 2010 Journal
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After getting into the Evangelical Theological Seminary of Cairo at 4:45am , most of us were able to sleep amidst the barking dogs.  After a delicious breakfast which included vita cheese (creamy, a little bit salty, and delicious), we headed off to the Pyramids of Giza! 

"When you see pictures of this last remaining ancient wonder of the world you don't realize the magnitude of this site" commented Hannah.

Our tour guide explained the Pharaohs’ were trying to be like the gods which is why they mastered this archeological feat.  They were attempting to be closer to the heavens while displaying their earthly power.  This is also the purpose of the Sphinx, a mixture of animal and human (power and wisdom) to stand guard over those coming to visit the Pharaoh in the afterlife.   

We also learned that by the time Moses and the Jews were in Egypt, the pyramids were old news; they’d been around for about 2,000 years!  The history in this place is fascinating, I can’t wrap my head around how long ago the Egyptians have been here and how many people have stood in this Xact spot.  It’s sad to think about the loss of artifacts that took place during archeological digs and “sunken ships” as Ivan speculated.   

Dexter and I were fascinated that the pyramids were built before modern technology, machines, and architecture.  As I ran my hand along the cool granite and noticed how one single block had eight corners, I couldn’t help but wonder the time, effort, and genius it took to create these structures.  I couldn’t help but think as I placed my cheek on a standing block column and looked down a court yard, that the columns were so straight that they disappeared into one another, so that it was like looking at a solid wall.  Will our current buildings be standing in 5010?  If a people who existed before the use of the internet and bulldozers can accomplish something so incredible people still flock from all over the world to see what excuse do I have for avoiding the small challenges life throws my way?         

For me, what today boiled down to was I can do anything with God, well, except run at night by myself in Cairo – which is problematic after having fallen in love with baba ghanoug.