International Ministries

Layover in Amsterdam

June 16, 2010 Journal
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My day in Amsterdam started with a bang when we landed after being on a plane for 7 hours, most of us were still pretty tired. The Xtreme team consisting of Hannah, Ivan, Kim, and myself had finally touched ground. As we all went through security and what not we all grouped up to see what was next. Once we started to walk, Walt, our team leader presented the next X-file, “boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom” and that we needed to find a “hiding place.”  Walt wouldn't give us any more clues than that.

As we made our way to the shopping section in the airport we were introduced to a lady by the name of Lauran Bethel. Ms. Bethel accompanied us to a historical place I will never forget. The name of the woman was Corrie Ten Boom.  Its starts with her father, Wilhelm, a watch and repair man, in a town called Haarlem. Wilhelm and his family were Christians, and known for their hospitality, as many knew they devoted their lives to others offering their house to anyone that needed help, Corrie took this over and helped several Jews Xcaped during World War II, mostly using her own home as a safe house. One day her life came down on her as she was set up by the Gestapo. Her family was thrown in jail, most sent to concentration camps. Corrie lost her family, but made it out alive. Even surviving all of that, she still kept God's message, that he is victor over all.

It touched me how eager she was to help someone, or what she was willing to put her life on the line knowing that she could be killed at any moment. Hearing her story gave me a better understanding on how God works in ways we can’t comprehend. her story is living proof that God does help if you believe , as long as you have faith in him and you put him first.