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Evangelism Meetings in France

June 13, 2010 Journal
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The weekend of meetings (April 23-25) in the Baptist church turned out to be more for believers than for unbelievers. The Sunday morning service was the most profitable. Eleven people came forward for prayer and re-dedication. There was a young man with whom I had prayed earlier to surrender his life to Christ. I had said to him, "It would be good for you to make a public stand for your faith." He was one of the eleven.

There was another man whom I had met years ago. When he came to the Saturday evening meeting, I had the privilege of praying with him to surrender his life to Christ. On Sunday morning he was also among the eleven.

There remains much work to do. When the congregation relocates and has its own premises it will be able to accomplish much more

The pastor told me that he would like to attempt another outreach this autumn in a neighborhood that is heavily non-Christian where we would expect God to operate miracles of healing, for that is what captures their attention.


In partial preparation for the May 2011 Festival with Luis Palau, a number of events were held (May 2-10). 187 pastors came to the pastors' fellowship where Luis spoke twice. He shared with church leaders the importance of working together to reach southern France. Much emphasis was also put on a Season for Service as a way of blessing the city, capturing the attention of the media and combining the spiritual and practical side of outreach.

On Saturday, there was a morning and an afternoon youth rally attended by @ 1900 people. Hundreds responded to the appeals at both services. At the latter service, Luis spoke on the call of Samuel and challenged the audience to get involved in reaching France.

On Sunday, a morning and afternoon unity services were held with @ 3,000 people. Some of the churches canceled their own services in order to attend. Again Luis shared many of his own experiences of what God can do when Christians join hands to reach their city.

During the week, I preached at a Tuesday evening service to about 50 people. I also met Edouard Santiago, pastor of a predominantly Spanish-Gypsy congregation. June 14-20 I will return to Marseille to minister with his church in open air street meetings among drug addicts, prostitutes and gangs. This will be my second time this year with Vie et Lumière (Life and Light) church. These churches are found in 54 countries around the world. Doors are beginning to open for me to minister in them. You will read more about this in my next letter.

On the train back to Strasbourg, I sat beside a pastor/cardiologist from Syria who had been at the Sports Center. He extended an invitation to me visit his church in ALLEPO, to minister to the Armenians and their neighbors. WHAT AN OPPORTUNITY!

Please be much in prayer for me. So many open doors.... so much need.