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Health Promoters Bring Health and Hope

June 3, 2010 Journal
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Health Promoters Bring Health and Hope


“A Health Promoter is an agent of change, a person elected by the community who has a desire to serve and help his neighbors with their troubles”

--Juan de Dios Blandón, Health Promoter in the remote village of San José de la Mula, Matagalpa


    In rural Nicaragua, 80% of families struggle to survive on less than two dollars a day, and the poorest people are the people who are less likely to get health care because they live so far away from health services in remote rural areas. In this setting, children under the age of five are the most vulnerable to illness. When children get sick, they often suffer or die from preventable or treatable illnesses such as diarrhea and pneumonia.


     With the ministry of AMOS Health and Hope, we have seen how the lives of many people are improved by training local health promoters and health committees to promote health, prevent disease and treat the most common killers of children such as diarrhea and pneumonia. Instead of walking hours to get to a government health clinic, children can be treated right their own communities by a trained and compassionate health promoter.  These are local adult leaders, some of whom have only made it to second grade in elementary school, who have a heart for service and commitment to working towards the well-being of their community.  In remote rural areas, the difference between being able to be treated in your own community for pneumonia or diarrhea, is often the difference between life and death.


So we thank you for…


Helping children get their deworming medicine so that they don´t suffer from intestinal parasites that can cause malnutrition and anemia.


Accompanying the work of health promoters as they help their communities to work together and organize to improve the health of all the people in their communities and to give hope…


Supporting our team of supervisory AMOS staff to train and encourage the health promoters to learn about how to treat the most common illnesses, and do that with quality care and love for each and every person….


Helping us purchase essential medications so moms can get the antibiotics her child needs be treated for pneumonia…


And much, much more that you are helping with in rural Nicaragua.


Without your support and prayers, there would be thousands of people in remote rural communities without basic health care, and without the love and helping hand of someone who cares.


With your help, health promoters and health committees are trying to do as Jesus did in caring for those in need - making a difference in a world of much inequity and hardship – committing to help save the lives of the women and children, and helping bring health and hope to their own homes.


We thank you again for your support and ask that you lift these concerns up in prayer:


1.    For the health promoters to continue to reach out to the least of these – to every little child and every person in need in difficult to reach rural communities, including those who cannot walk and are homebound.

2.    To help us as we reach out to additional communities - more communities in need have heard about AMOS and have formally requested our help with health care. We have recently begun to work in five additional communities in Matagalpa, and three in the Atlantic Region (RAAS).  For us to continue to reach these remote locations we need your support!

3.    To help with our support to stay on the field - we are very grateful to all who have given to our missionary support!  We ask that you prayerfully consider pledging monthly support, as we are still under our MPT goal for ongoing support. 

Thank you allowing us the privilege to serve together with you in rural Nicaragua to share health and hope with the most vulnerable people.


Laura and David