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"…and I Will Carry You…"

February 9, 2006 Journal

The King called for the elections of municipal officials to be held on Wednesday, February 8th, 2006.

The leaders of the seven national political parties called for the people to boycott the elections.

The Maoists called for a 7-day nation-wide bandh beginning Sunday, Feb 5th – 11th. A bandh is a stoppage of all normal life outside the home—work, school and transportation. A nationwide bandh would also result in no trucks carrying food and supplies into and out of the Kathmandu Valley.

In light of all that, emails began to fly between Nepal and the US, asking for and receiving assurances of prayers for us for that week.

Practically I, Carole, began shopping for extra staples to carry us through a week or longer, for we did not know what would happen on Election Day, much less after it. Mentally, I prepared myself to have to walk to work which would take about an hour. I also prepared myself for the possibility of the government cutting off telephone lines—one way to prevent communication during protests and demonstrations— or announcing a curfew, or both. All the while I kept wondering… what IS going to happen?

As foreigners, we have been safe as we are not the target of the Maoists or of the government's efforts to counteract their activities. But it is easy for me to get discouraged in light of the situation in this country. Every day we pray for peace…. but the news that each new day brings is so discouraging!

Then… you'll never believe this... but, of course you will... on Sunday morning, Feb 5th, the day the bandh started, I was reading the Bible during my prayer time. The devotional reading for that day was Isaiah 40: 21-31 and Isaiah 46: 4.

God's promise in verse 31 is:

"…but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; run and not grow weary, walk and not faint."

Isaiah 46:4 took the thought even farther.....

"I will carry you"....

"That's what I need!" I told the Lord. "I need You to carry me this week because I don't feel like I can walk, let alone soar on wings like eagles above the problems that beset this country." I got tears in my eyes as I realized God had given me His promise to carry me through the week. I was so grateful for His answer to my prayers for help!

Today, Thursday, Feb 9th, the elections have come and gone. There have been no curfews announced or telephone lines cutSydnor_pj_06_feb_02 off. Last evening the Maoists called off their bandh, three days ahead of schedule.So today transportation was back to normal. Shops were open. Students went to school.

God carried me, and Nepal, through uncertain days.

My prayer for you is that you be aware that God will carry you, when you most need Him to.

And please continue to pray for us; for our Nepali friends and colleagues, Christians and non-Christians alike; and for the country itself, as everyone here experiences the uncertainty of life day in and day out.