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May 26, 2010 Journal
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 El Salvador Tip for the day:

In El Salvador there is an ice cream shop called “Nevería 2x1”. For the longest time, I thought that the deal was “two ice creams for the price of one”. Buy 1 get 1 free. However, in the off chance you should come to El Salvador, you should know that this special deal is a little different. “2x1” actually means “two ice creams included in one price”. If you buy one item, you pay half the advertised price. Confusing!

Wednesday was a Salvadoran style 3x1 day for me: three activities in one day. It’s been an enormous challenge to figure how to balance my diverse ministry responsibilities which in broad sweeping terms include: work with women, work with youth, coordinating visiting delegations, and fundraising and grant writing in cooperation with the Federation.

Wednesday morning I headed out the door bright and early with Henry, a young man from Ahuachapan. Henry and I were headed to the second of several national youth and young adult vision casting, idea gathering gatherings that Jaime, the FEBES president, and I are organizing. We picked up Carlos on the way. Eight young adults joined Jaime and I to assess the reality, context, and identity of youth and young adults in El Salvador. The group spent the second half of the meeting discussing what we can do with this reality and what direction it points future national youth ministry efforts. Six of us had lunch together before heading off in different directions. We of course took advantage of a 2x1 pizza special J

I arrived back in Ahuachapan just in time to join the weekly women’s Bible study. This particular group has been extremely active in community ministry projects including Saturday youth academy helping rural community kids, and a Sunday feeding program for the homeless in the community. The women are hoping to learn to make bread and open a bakery in the next year.  This week we talked about the importance of our voices as women. As a group we worked with the Gospel story of the women who went to the tomb after Christ’s crucifixion and were sent to tell the news of Christ’s resurrection. In spite of all these women do to serve with their hands and feet, it has been a challenge to value and try out using our voices to minister and lead as well.

When we finished with the women several of us switched “caps” to dig into an ongoing budget discussion. A friend from the US suggested exploring the feasibility of forming a women’s sewing coop to make cloth surgical caps for medical professionals in the US. We’ve found women here who are willing to give it a try, now we’re exploring the financial feasibility of the endeavor. If you know folks in the medical community who would buy from us instead of online, let us know.

So, that is a 3x1 day in the life and ministry here in El Salvador. Not all days are quite so jam-packed but I manage to keep pretty busy. If you decide to come for a visit, remind me to invite you for ice cream in the midst of your busy schedule of ministry and volunteer projects. We can take advantage of the “2x1” deal together!