International Ministries

Vacation Bible Club

August 1, 2004 Journal

Dear friends,

We give thanks for your prayers and your support.We give thanks for the goodness of God, and His wonderful ways.

The Nishi Okamoto Church has just finished its Vacation Bible Club, and we had 115 different children come over the 5 days.We were "Exploring Jesus in the World", and visited mission work in Thailand, China, Congo and here in Japan.The children had a lot of fun singing the songs, seeing the puppet show, learning Bible verses, and discovering how Jesus Christ is working through His people all around the world.

One concern that arose during the week was a typhoon that showed up on the Vacation Bible Club in map.We prayed that though it was suppose to pass right over us, it would either come through at night and be over before our next evenings meeting, or that it would miss us.It mostly missed us.We had a little wind, and a few showers, but nothing serious.Though snack and play time had to be on it's toes to move into our one extra room, a very small room, when the showers started, we never really missed a step.

We finished our program with day 5 on Sunday morning during worship.The number of children and parents who come on Sunday is always down from during the week, but we had 28 children, and several moms and dads.I was sitting next Yuma, a first grade boy, in the front pew.Pastor Takahashi told the story of Jesus raising Lazarus, and ended with the words of Jesus from the Gospel of John, "He who believes in me will live, even though he dies."Then just before the prayer, Yuma turned to me and whispered, what does that mean, "He who believes in me will live, even though he dies?"I said, "What a good question.It means, because Jesus loves us, even when we die, we can live with Jesus forever in heaven."Next question, "Where is heaven?Is it is the sky?"

Pray with me that Yuma and his brother and parents will come again and learn more of Gods love and salvation.Pray for all the children, and parents that we made contact with, that seeds planted will grow.

Thank you again for your prayers and support.

Grace and Peace,

John and Tomoko Armagost

ABC-USA missionaries to Japan