International Ministries

Three Young Men

February 13, 2002 Journal

Last summer I asked Akira Takahashi our Associate Pastor, and Soich Fujioka, a young man from our church, to help me build a new fence in the churchyard. While we were having lunch, Takashi Kojima, another young man and a member of our church stopped by to drop off his monthly tithe. He works most Sundays so he often drops off his tithe during the week. These three men are all single, in their 20's and 30's and members of the church. As they talked they felt a desire to have a regular time of study and fellowship together. So they began a monthly Monday lunch for young adults. Soichi is a chef in a little restaurant, and Takashi works in a French restaurant, so they always do the cooking, and Akira leads the study. They have regular group of about 8 to 10 each month, several of whom are not yet Christians. The Lord has been blessing our church through these young men and the monthly lunch meeting. Now the Nishi Okamoto Church is getting to be known for the 'young Christian men' who are part of our fellowship. Pray for these young men, their faith and their witness.

Grace and Peace
John and Tomoko Armagost