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Hope for Haiti

May 4, 2010 Journal
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There is a spanish saying:  "After the storm, comes the calm" and I say: "After the earthquake, comes hope". On my visit to Haiti in March I saw hope for Haiti. After a long night traveling from Santo Domingo to the border for around 6 to 7 hours to avoid traffic, heat and sun, we finally got to the border around 6:00am, we wait until 8:00am when they open it and after a long protocol of process we finally started our journey to Port au Prince, Haiti. What a beautiful road and view, until we started to see the ruins of the January earthquake. Homes, beautiful homes that are now just ruins on the ground, schools no longer standing, hospitals disappeared, but I saw hope. I saw streets getting cleaned, trash beign picked up, people back to work, children back to school, churches open, families back as families. It will take time to recuperate all back the way it was, but with our help, support and prayers....there is hope for Haiti. I thank  you for all your support and prayers for this country. Please keep them in prayers as they start again to rebuild their land, their families, their country. Many thousands of dollars have been spent in medicines, meals, clothing and water to Haiti in the last 5 months, and they need more. We are trying to help as we can and you can be part of this. If you are interested in helping Haiti, call IM and see how you can be part of a great experience of missions.