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Balancing Schedules

April 6, 2005 Journal


Here's our schedule for the next two weeks.Dan will be traveling to Wyoming by himself this weekend as Estela is experiencing some back problems and she needs to stay at home for physical therapy.Estela hopes to be able to begin traveling again by next weekend.Please continue to keep us in your prayers.


Wednesday 6 April – First Baptist Church, Laramie, Wyoming

Thursday 7 April – First Baptist Church, Rawlins, Wyoming

Friday/Saturday 8-9 April –

ABCRM Area I Meetings, Rock Springs, Wyoming

Sunday 10 April – First Baptist Church, Rock Springs, Wyoming

Friday/Saturday 15-16 April –

ABCRM Area II Meetings, Breckenridge, Colorado

Sunday 17 April – First Baptist Church, Fort Lupton, Colorado

Tuesday 19 April –

Northern Association ABW, Longmont, Colorado

UPCOMING SPEAKING EVENTS – details forthcoming in future newsletters

Friday/Saturday 22-23 April –

ABCRM Area III Meetings, Pueblo, Colorado

Saturday 23 April –

ABW Luncheon, First Baptist Church, Colorado Springs, Colorado

Saturday/Sunday 30 April/1 May –

New Hope Baptist Church, New Castle, Colorado

Friday/Monday 27-30 May –

Haitian Youth Retreat, Newark, New Jersey


As always, we greatly appreciate your continued prayers and financial support, both of which make our ministry possible.

Serving Christ in the Bahamas,

Daniel and Estela Schweissing

American Baptist Missionaries to the Bahamas

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"Se pou toupatou sou latè yo rekonèt gwo pouvwa li."Sòm 72:19