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Stan Murray blogs from Singapore on the Thailand strife

April 22, 2010 Journal

I am in Singapore and ready to return to the US. I just talked to Jeff Dieselberg for about 30 minutes. They live about two kilometers from where the red shirts have made their standoff against the government. While we were talking, Jeff counted 20 helicopters flying over. You may know that there were five bomb blasts tonight killing at least one person.

Things are heading for a showdown in Jeff's opinion. There is a seven step plan in the current constitution for restoring order at times like these that include first removing non-involved individuals, high pressure water, loud noise blasts, rubber bullets, tear gas, then probably if none of this has worked, live fire. Some expect a civil war.

Jeff and I talked about their plan should hostilities break out. They will get in their car and head out of town to a hotel of friends home or hotel where nothing is happening. We will stay in touch.

As another issue, the multicolored shirts are organizing as a pro-government movement. They plan to hold marches to indicate solidarity with the government. There is no definite word from the yellow shirts at the moment.

Jeff says the red shirts are in it for keeps. If it was going to dissipate, it likely would have happened during the recent water festival when normally people return back to their rural homesteads. Most of the red shirts are from the rural areas and likely more skilled at urban warfare techniques than the government troops who have little experience in this kind of situation. Jeff sighted the sharpening of the ends of the bamboo of the red shirt barricades. Many have labeled the government troops "watermelon" troops, as they are green on the outside and red on the inside!

Pray for Thailand! Bloody coups have almost never been a part of their history but it is looking like this one will not end well. Pray for Jeff, Annie, their family, and the staff and women of NightLight to be safe and make wise decisions based on the circumstances they face now and in the days ahead!