International Ministries

Pray for Annie and Jeff Dieselberg

April 13, 2010 PrayerCall
Annie works with NightLight Design Co. Ltd., a business-as-mission, which employs and empowers women affected by the sex trade in Bangkok. She also works directly with women who are being trafficked for sex in Bangkok, offering them hope and opportunities for escape and for new life in Jesus. Jeff teaches urban ministry with a team of Thai pastors at three Bangkok seminaries and is a chaplain at NightLight (NL).

Annie writes: Saturday, the 10th of April, over 800 people were wounded and 21 killed when military and police troops clashed with protesters here in Bangkok. I am sure you have heard the news by now. It is tragic to see Thailand torn apart by the conflict. The Red Shirts parade all around town and regularly occupy the street near NightLight. The violence that erupted on Saturday night was not in our area of town.

Thank you so much. It is encouraging to know that people around the world are praying. We do not feel alone; we feel the impact of your prayers.