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Beirut Buzz: March 2010

April 12, 2010 Journal
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The Power & Nurture at Home Groups:

Our church building is not too big, and late-comers frequently have to squeeze in wherever they can find space.  Of course most people don't like walking up to the front pews.  As someone said in tongue-and-cheek, "the front row is where the 'sinners' sit and the back row's where the 'shoes' sit (the loafers, sneakers, and slippers!".  All in fun!!!

It is said that if a church is 75% full, we must start looking for alternative places to meet.  Apparently, people don't like to sit too close to each other.  It is difficult to develop intimacy and deeper fellowship in a crowded place.  The result is that we have begun to actively develop Home Groups as a means to foster closer fellowship.  We have about 6 Home Groups meeting midweek in various places in and around Beirut city.  Our Home Group in Mansourieh meets on Tuesday night.  It runs between 8 to 12 people and we are from about 6 countries, including Lebanon.  We are currently doing a video-assisted study of Philip Yancey's book "The Jesus I Never Knew".  We all find it a wonderful place to develop fellowship, share joys and frustrations, and be accountable to one another through prayer and support.

Please Pray:

* Please pray for the unity and witness of the Christian community in Lebanon and the Middle East

* Pray for Dan and Pastor Nabil who are for the first time running a "work-place" ALPHA program at an NGO (non-governmental organization) office with 40 employees.  It is run during the one-hour lunch break.  If successful, we would like to try at other organizations that may be open.

* We praise and thank God for His faithfulness, and your partnership

Dan & Sarah Chetti

Mansourieh-Metn, Lebanon