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Mobilization of the Baja Baptist Churches after the earthquake

April 11, 2010 Journal
 A week after the Easter afternoon earthquake in the Mexicali area, thousands of people who live in the agricultural communities of the Mexicali Valley continue in need of basic provisions.  The leadership of the Baja Baptist Convention "Dios con Nosotros" has organized continuing relief efforts using the Mexicali Seminary as a collection center from which needed items are taken to the affected communities.  These rural communities are located about an hour's drive from the Seminary.
On Saturday three truckloads of clothing, water and food stuffs were taken to the Rosa de Sarón Church from which they were distributed to the most needy area.  These were items donated by the Mexicali area churches.  Today, Monday, items donated from Ensenada and Tijuana churches will be delivered to the Valley.
There are three groups of displaced or hurting people at this time:
A few hundred whose homes are inhabitable.  This includes one of the Baptist leaders and a number of church members from two different communities in the Valley.  Most all have found temporary living arrangements with relatives, friends or even in church facilities.
Hundreds more who are living with relatives or friends and who have not yet returned to their homes due to the continuing aftershocks.  The aftershocks, some greater than 5.0 magnitude, continue.
Thousands have not yet been able to return to work and are in need of daily provisions.  Most all residents of the Valley make their living in the fields.  All work in the harvesting, sorting and packaging of vegetables and other products was halted after the earthquakes as owners assess the damage to their buildings.  Until they are back up and running there will be large numbers of families in need of basic provisions.
The Convention leadership will continue these mobilization efforts in collection and distrubution of items based on the on-going needs.