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"Viene Marcia" Here comes Marcia

March 23, 2010 Journal
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A week ago I arrived at the Centro de Transformación Mariposa and as I got out of my car, Nancy, the director of the church-based family life center, said, "Viene la macha" which literally means, "Here comes the white girl." It is meant as a term of endearment towards the local missionary who happens to sport blonde locks. What the children in the center heard, though, was "Viene Marcia". Their happiness quickly dissipated when they saw me and not Marcia. Normally, they are happy to see me, but this time they were expecting Marcia who had just spent the last week with them teaching new songs, making animal noises, being silly and loving on them like only a pre-school teacher can.  I was sorry to disappoint them, but happy to know that my invitation for Marcia to come and help us with teacher training was a significant blessing not only to our teachers, but for the children they are serving. 
Marcia Logan was my children's pre-school teacher while we were living and serving in pastoral ministry in Port Angeles, WA. She has many years of experience working with children and their families and was open to sharing her experiences with our friends here in Costa Rica. She accepted my invitation to come because she had been praying for an opportunity to serve in missions wherever God would have her. The folks at the Centro de Transformación had been praying for someone to strengthen their needed skills in positive discipline, curriculum planning, and in developing their activity center-based classroom. Marcia was blessed by her time with the children and their teachers, with her home-stay families in La Guacima and her church's sister church in Santo Tomás, and by the way God used her gifts and skills to bless others. The churches in La Guacima and Santo Tomás as well as the Centro de Transformación were blessed by her presence and now miss having her close. We teased her that because she came carrying a suitcase, she was the expert to whom people listened, even when she was saying some of the same things we've been saying for many years. The pastor then teased me because sometimes the people listen to the "missionary" or "la macha" because I come from outside of the neighborhood, even though I say some of the same things she has been preaching for years. Thankfully God works in, through and in-spite of us when we open ourselves to wherever God would have us serve, be it at home or very far from home.  Hopefully we leave a good expectation for our return because we left a blessing behind. Marcia brought good news of encouragement to us as she walked in our shoes here in Costa Rica. Now she is bringing good news of what God is doing in Costa Rica to her home in Port Angeles, WA. Thanks for your prayers and giving that make these connections possible.  
"La Macha" Mylinda

       How beautiful on the mountains 
       are the feet of those who bring good news, 
       who proclaim peace, 
       who bring good tidings, 
       who proclaim salvation,  
       "Your God reigns!" Isaiah 52:7