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Easter on the Move

March 16, 2010 Journal
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Easter on the Move!


As we prepare to celebrate the holiest season of the Christian year, I find myself traveling half way around the world.  It all started in January, when I noticed a small spot of blood on my bra.  Our missionary doctor Bill Clemmer recommended that I have some tests run in Kinshasa, and when they failed to reveal the source of the bleeding, he strongly urged me to return to the States to follow it up.  So I came to Elko, Nevada, to stay with my sister and benefit from the support of my Missionary Partnership Team as I underwent a breast biopsy.  The results have just come in, and by God’s grace, it’s BENIGN!  I’m now free to travel, and will be visiting southern Nevada and southern California until the end of March.  On Easter Sunday, April 4th, at 5:00 PM, I’ll board a Delta flight in Salt Lake City, directly to Paris, and then an Air France flight to Kinshasa, arriving there on April 6th.

                How is Easter celebrated in the Congo?  It’s strictly a Christian holiday, with none of the trappings of Easter bunnies, eggs, chocolate and all that we associate with Easter in the U.S.  At our center In Kimpese, there’s often an outdoor baptism at 6 AM, just as the sun is coming up.  The entire community comes out to witness the joy of new followers of Christ, young and not-so-young.  The regular church service and Sunday school follow.    

               Last year we introduced a new way of presenting the Easter story to children, through “Resurrection Eggs,” a carton of 12 plastic eggs, each containing an object that represents part of the Easter story.  The kids came up, one at a time, to open the eggs, and tell what each thing stands for; then all together, we put them in order to retell the marvelous story.  The last egg is empty, to remind us of the empty tomb.  He is risen indeed!


This year, I’m particularly thankful for the prayers and words of encouragement of many of you, during the uncertainty of medical treatment.  Why and how did I come to the U.S. for medical tests and procedures?  Because I am part of a team which has an excellent health insurance program!  I present my thanks to all of you who pray and give to be sure that the Lord’s work continues in the Congo, through targeted and directed giving, and through specifics!  The Bible Institute and the Responsible Living Skills team send their thanks to you as well, because they will soon see me again, in good health!

Rejoicing in the Lord,