International Ministries

Pray for Kim Brown

March 16, 2010 PrayerCall
Kim serves in Thailand and her work includes overseeing five Christ-like ministries for tribal people who are coping with the problems caused by AIDS, disabilities, and migration from their traditional villages to urban slums. Lack of land and employment has forced people from rural areas to cities to find work. They are often exploited on the job, and are at risk for being infected with the AIDS virus. The Thailand Karen Baptist Convention sponsors these ministries.

 Praise and Prayer Points:

Celebrating seems to be a theme this time, as we are also celebrating the graduation of 3 of our young women at the House of Love (HOL).  Da (many of you will know she came to us as a baby--the first child at the HOL), Sang Ngern and Daw Song are thrilled to mark this significant time in their schooling—finishing 9th grade (in Thailand, this is considered the end of compulsory education).  Da and Daw Song have chosen to go into vocational training (business computers) and Sang Ngern will be finishing regular high school.  We praise God that all 3 are in good health and pray for them as they start new classes in May (after our hot season break).

·        Please pray for all of the House of Love children as they study for end-of-the-year exams and finish up projects before school ends March 5.  Pray also for new staff for the HOL as 2 of the house mothers will be leaving at the end of March (one to marry, the other to enter the army).

·        We are hopeful that the construction will start any day now for the boys’ dorm/daycare classrooms.  While the plans have been completed for some time, there are some glitches with the contract with the Japanese Consulate.   Pray that we can all come to good understanding and start building.

·        The Health Project staff is working on planning a new survey for border areas to see what needs there are.  The HPTP has had several invitations to work with ethnic minorities along the border, but we first need to have an understanding of the current situation.

·        Please join us in praying for the adjustment of Ponfahluang, a little girl who goes to our daycare who has now started living at the House of Love as well.  Although she has a loving mother, this parent needed to work late hours, which meant that Pongfahluang was left in an abusive situation.