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Nanjing Union Theological Seminary’s New Leadership Team

March 4, 2010 Journal
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On March 1st, I attended a meeting for all faculty and staff of Nanjing Union Theological Seminary (NJUTS), just prior to the opening of the second semester.  At that time, the seminary board announced the new leadership team for this important institution which provides theological training for pastoral leadership throughout China.  

The Rev. Gao Feng has now begun his new responsibilities as president of the seminary, following the resignation and retirement of Bishop K.H. Ting and following his appointment by the seminary board.    The Rev. Gao, originally from Shandong Province, is also President of the China Christian Council and one of two chairs of the seminary board.  

Bishop K.H. Ting, recognized and lauded for all he has done over the years to promote and develop theological education here in China, now holds the position of Honorary President (President Emeritus).

The Rev. Chen Yilu has also just begun his new duties as the seminary’s standing vice president.  As executive vice president, he will be assisting the president in the operation of the seminary and is especially responsible for academic affairs and overseas relations.  The Rev. Chen, originally from the Swatow area of Guangdong Province, also serves as Associate General Secretary of the China Christian Council, Director of the Commission on Theological Education of the CCC/TSPM and President of Guangdong Provincial Theological Seminary.  

In addition, the Rev. Wang Aiming has been appointed as one of the seminary’s vice presidents and is in charge of the research department and the library.  The Rev Wang, who has already been teaching at the seminary and serving in its leadership for several years, also serves as Assistant Director of the Commission on Theological Education of the CCC/TSPM.

(Note:  some of the information above comes from the China Christian Council’s website announcement at  You can go to that web page for more information given directly by the CCC.)

On March 2nd, the Rev. Chen brought the message at the opening worship service for the beginning of our second semester.  He used the image of a dove to suggest that we should always seek to bring good news like the dove Noah sent out and like the dove with the olive branch that we use to symbolize peace.  Moreover, he encouraged us to be team players and fellowship builders like doves who are not loners, but seem to value being together and working together.  Lastly, he reminded us of the value of being like a dove in accordance with Jesus’ words to “be wise as serpents and innocent as doves” as we face various challenges we may meet.     

So, our second semester here has gotten off to a good start, as Nanjing Union Theological Seminary looks forward to continuing to develop and enhance the breadth and depth of seminary education here in China both now and on into the future under the guidance of this new leadership team.  

I invite you to pray for the new leadership of the seminary, for all of the faculty and staff, and for all of the students.  Here, new pastors, theologians and leaders for the local church in China grow in their experience and understanding of faith, and God continues to develop in each one the talents and skills needed to serve Christ well, so that the graduates and future leaders of the church might continue to guide and encourage the witness of local believers and churches.