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“I Am the Pharisee!”

February 28, 2010 Journal
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Dear Friends,

Stunned, I realized, “I am the Pharisee that walked by!”  I had passed a baby in a woman’s arms while walking down the street in Bangladesh and thought, “Wow!  That baby is in the worst shape that I have seen a child in years.  Just a skeleton.  Was it even still alive?”  Suddenly I pulled up short and stopped like I had walked into a brick wall.  How could I just walk by and wonder?  That child was on the very verge of death and I had thought of it as on object.  I was horrified at myself.  I turned around and soon caught up to the family.  I took them to the office of our development project and made arrangements for the baby’s medical care. I estimated she was two years old.

I was surprised that our development agency’s staff did not seem more compassionate.  But they had already suspected the terrible truth.  I had noticed the mother, father, and older child looked pretty well fed.  The parents explained that the child was sick, and that is why her condition was so grim.  They also explained that they simply had no money for medicine.  When our staff challenged them, the answer was the same.  They even produced a prescription.  After making all the arrangements for medical care and food and after extracting firm promises that they would return, they were sent off.  But they never took the child to the doctor, nor did they return for food!  The child was their INCOME.  They used her ghastly state of starvation for begging!  Was she their own child?  Or a kidnapped child?  Either way, this is yet another manifestation of that unspeakable crime of human slavery.  Thank you for making it possible for me to impact so many places, so that people do not simply have their economic condition improved, but so that their whole relationship with God,  their community and their world is transformed.

Yours in Christ,

Walt White
IM Global Consultant