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the Instituto Teológico Bautista (Baptist Theological Institute) did not suffer structural damage

February 27, 2010 Journal
  Dear Brothers and Sisters:

 We continue to be in touch with you. We are well and are now with some friends in a single story house in Las Condes. Diego, my husband has a lot of work with World Vision, especially informing and communicating with the rest of the world what is happening in Chile.

 Regarding our brothers and sisters from the Convention, I have news from Chillán that the Instituto Teológico Bautista (Baptist Theological Institute) did not suffer structural damage. The secretary, Cristina and the professors, Lucila Alvarez and Julio Arriagada are well and Isaac and Nidia and family from Chillán are doing OK. In Concepción and the area where the family of Pastor Albarado (president of the pastors) and Nidia Alegria live they are well despite the fact that they live so close to the sea. Elizabeth Solano and family are also doing well. The people in Temuco had a Board meeting scheduled for today and they cancelled it and I understand that Paula Castillo, secretary of the convention and Mario Ramos, the president of the Convention are well and it appears that everyone in Temuco is doing OK. In Panguipulli everyone is doing OK. They called Cristina, secretary of the Instituto Teológico Bautista to let her know. The president of the Women’s Group is on the way to Santiago, but I believe the delay has to do with the roads that are blocked. I understand that in Santiago the people from Nueva el Redentor are all well and the same in Cristo Rey, although I don’t know about the others. I will continue to let you know as soon as I receive new information. Although we don’t have news from Curico and Talca we hope to hear from them soon. I have not heard anything from the President of the Council, Daniel Tapia. If anyone has news, please let us know.

 As of this time, there are three hundred dead and many who are missing. Now that the news reports are clearer, we realize the intensity of the earthquake and the tsunami that has affected many coastal areas. Even though this has not been reported there were placed that were affected. They are many roads that are blocked and there are floodlights and the nights are pretty chilly. We still do not know the magnitude of the damage because many communities were completely wiped out by the sea especially those closest to the epicenter. We thank God because He has been faithful and we continue to pray for those who are suffering.

 May God bless you.


Patty Cofre

Instituto Teológico Bautista, Chillán Viejo, Chile.