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Work in the Name of our Lord

November 29, 2006 Journal

May God bless you this wonderful day of our Lord.

After a long period of engaging in works at the mission field finally we can celebrate the stability of the projects. We embrace them with faith hoping always that someone will reach and get the honor of finishing one step.

Magda Speaking

November 25th was a day of celebrations.

One was at the mission field of las Malvinas where we celebrated 5 years of been a mission camp with a group of sisters and brothers that were present there.The pastor, Ruth Cardenas de Castillo, explained the situation of the people at the barrio las Malvinas where around 321 families soon will receive a new house after a long period of working together to build all of the houses.Two families were relocated to the school room in the temple until their houses are finished and one fabric of textiles.

The Second event was the graduation at the School at Jucuapa and the vocational school.The graduation was dedicated in my name.This was a great honor. Kids from the kindergarten were the happiest, see their faces! The women from the vocational school celebrated their efforts towards getting jobs with dignity that will upgrade their situation of hopeless. The possibilities now available to these people make me feel satisfied that these duties were completed in the name of Jesus Christ.

Continue praying for El Salvador,

Rev. Dr. Magda Aguirre

Missionary El Salvador