International Ministries

The Last Frontier

September 30, 2001 Journal

Many Mexicans consider the Baja Peninsula the last frontier of Mexico. Young adults and young families come here seeking better jobs and the opportunity to live out new dreams. Unfortunately, life in Baja proves to be just as difficult as the one they left behind on the mainland side. Poor communities have sprung up all over the fringes of La Paz as these emigrants establish new homes. Ministering to this segment of the Baja population is a focus of the Southern Baja Baptist Convention. Three churches in the Convention have already started missions in these poverty-stricken areas of town. Please pray for these churches as they minister to the newcomers of La Paz.

The Pastors and Missionaries of La Paz

There are five Baptist Churches in La Paz. Part of our ministry is creating fellowship events for the pastors and their spouses. Our goal is to foster better communication between them as well as a unity of vision. In addition to building unity among the Baptist pastors, we also recently brought all the missionaries working in La Paz together. Apparently this is the first time they’ve ever all been in the same room at the same time! We shared our stories and visions for ministry and mission in La Paz. It was exciting to see the common threads God was weaving between our different works. Please pray that God would bring the pastors and missionaries of La Paz to like minds and like hearts as we all seek to further God’s kingdom in Baja California.