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Nagaland Partner Contributes to Haiti Relief as Three IM Teams Visit India

February 10, 2010 News
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The Angami Baptist Church Council, part of the Nagaland Baptist Church Council, IM's partner in Nagaland for over 100 years, pledged $8,744 in support for Haiti relief efforts through International Ministries (IM) at last week's conference entitled, "125 Years Celebration of the Gospel Reaching Angami Naga."  The conference took place in Kohima, Nagaland. The Council also pledged $5,920 in support for the work of International Ministries.

The 125th Anniversary was attended by an average of 10,000 each day while the Sunday Service on Feb 7 was attended by 20,000, Rev. Dr. Reid Trulson, executive director, International Ministries, delivered the message of Jesus Christ, the Hope of the World. Other conventions in NE India are also collecting donations for the Haiti relief.

The journey to East Asia and India began on January 29 and included Reid Trulson, Ben Chan, IM Area Director for East Asia and India, and Karen Selig, pastor of Royersford Baptist Church in Royersford, PA. The trip began with a visit to Nepal and IM Development Workers Carole and Bucky Sydnor where the group also met with IM's partners in Nepal.  Joined by Betsy and David Perkins, IM Development Workers, in India, the group traveled to Kohima, Nagaland to attend the conference. The Angami are one of many tribes in Nagaland.  In 1885, four Angamis became Christians; today, there are 104 Angami Baptist churches with 27,245 members.

Two other groups are also in India on behalf of International Ministries.  Leo Thorne, Associate General Secretary for Mission Resource Development with American Baptist Churches, USA will represent both ABCUSA and IM when he attends the Quinquennial (every five years) Congress of the Manipur Baptist Convention at Senanpati, Manipur.  He will be the keynote speaker at the Congress along with Dr. A.K. Lama, General Secretary of the Council of Baptist Churches in North East India (CBCNEI).

Finally, Katie and Taku Longkumer, Special Assistants for IM’s India Ministry will represent IM at the 25th Anniversary of the Indo-Bhutan Frontier Mission, which was started by the Nagaland Mission Movement.  They will also take part in missionary training and visit partner conventions in Assam and Nagaland.

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