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February 10, 2010 Journal
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Dear friends and loved ones,
Greeting. We want to share with you the work of our former student Matthieu Josue. We knew Matthieu when he came to study for his theological degree at our university. We have become close to him and fond of his ministry. Matthieu was then working and still works with the Haitian Bible society.
His church was completely destroyed. 47 houses of his members were totally crushed.   Many other members are out the on street sleeping in tents or whatever shacks they are able to make. Many have been wounded and some have had parts of their body amputated. One woman gave birth to a baby a day after the earthquake.
Each Sunday Matthieu with his members meet outside from 6:30 AM until the service is over (2 to 3 hours). On week days, they meet Tuesdays and Thursdays at 4:00 PM for Bible study. In spite of this huge crisis brought about by the earthquake, the word of God is being spoken; Bibles are being distributed and are in high demand.
This ministry, such as that of our former Student Matthieu Josue, is one of the reasons why we can not wait to go back to Haiti. We want to add our helping hands to what is already being done.
Our Haitian brothers and sisters are not tired in spite the loss of everything. Why should we be tired of walking beside them?
Thank you for backing them up with your support.
 Nzunga & Kihomi 


Dear friends and supporters,


The story of Matthieu demonstrates the value of the long term commitment International Ministries has had in the 3rd world.   Leon and Martha Emmert, <!-- .hmmessage P { margin:0px; padding:0px } body.hmmessage { font-size: 10pt; font-family:Verdana } -->Charles and Alice moore and many other of our missionaries to the Congo when Rev Nzunga was a boy, took him under their guidance and mentored him.  He often says it is because of our support of missionaries in that era that made him who he is today.  Now we see the ministry of one of the students he and Kihomi have taught and mentored working for the Lord in this terrible crisis.  Over the ten years they have been in Haiti there are hundreds of similar stories.  Stories of God’s love being demonstrated to many through them.  Please help us send them back and keep them serving the Lord among the people that have become their brothers and sisters.  We still need more support to reach the amount they need to underwrite their ministry.  Please help if you can.


Please note the smiles on many of the faces despite the dreadful situation!


Nzunga’s and Kihomi’s Missionary Partnership Team

Terry Biven-Fry

Shawna Gorman

Charles Newman

Diana Peysha

Les Roberson

Dennis Shewell