International Ministries

God Puts Us in the Middle

October 16, 2006 Journal

Dear friends in Christ that love the mission for his glory,

I want to let you know that the driver of the bulldozer his name is Jose Galicia was working with his boss this past Wednesday in Estanzuelas, far away from the peace park. He was digging and a land slide with a big rock covered the bulldozer. In a miraculous way the boss was safe and helped to get out Galicia from the machine and carried him to the hospital.He was crying over him thinking that he was dead.But not, he's right leg was broken in a few places.. five toes were amputated because they were unable to reconstruct his toes.

Yesterday I visited him at the hospital.Later his boss, that is a Christian, visited him and invited him to accept Jesus Christ as his savior and he accepted our Lord. I gave him a DVD player for listening to Christian music.Around five minutes later he called me from his cell phone to tell me that 30 pounds was put onto his leg so the bone can relocate to the original place. He told me that hearing Christian music he feels less pain and receives peace. That is a testimony of how God puts us in the middle of the people for blessing them in some way.

Samuel the translator that worked with us at the peace park was impacted by the bulldozerexperience of Galicia. His faith also grew immensely seeing how many of you gave inspiration to him after his period of illness.He will travel to Canada next week. Galicia pictured here one day before that accident.

Today I again organized the distribution of clothes for the workers and included a bag for Galicia, especially the short pants that he needs.Thanks for the clothes.We will have two more times to distribute the rest of the clothes for the workers. The amount of sales on the clothes that we did here is $1,009.60.All of it was used for the retaining wall costs.

We continue working at the wall. The trips of carrying rocks that was at the park is finished for now and the rainy season limits us to pick up more rocks. So until the land has dried, we hope will be this week, we can continue at the wall.Always a miracle of gifts is needed for continued work.

Love in Christ

Rev. Dr. Magda Aguirre