International Ministries

Big Dreams, Big Help

August 24, 2006 Journal

Dear Friends

After a great experience of the II Encounter of women pastors in Costa Rica on the first week of August and one week with difficulties on the internet server I have the opportunity to share the awesomeness of dreamers that came on a mission trip at El Salvador specially to work at the peace park at El Puente Cuscatlan.

Representations of four churches of the area of Illinois especially from Waverly visited us and brought love, inspiration and gifts for our people at El Puente Cuscatlan.

I don't have words to express the gratitude we have for our dreamers that came with open hearts to build a dream of peace in the community of greater needs.

The Coop of Baptist women continue working at the mission field. The group bought a lot of small dolls of husked corn to help promote the peace park project at their churches and with their friends for fundraising. Thanks friends for those details.

I gave thanks for the sensibility of the wonderful brothers and sisters that did and excellent job.

Some of the group had health difficulties. We celebrate the Extreme Dreamer of our brothers and sisters. In a miracle way a team of doctors from the USA was visiting Jucuapa and they attended to the group in special way. Thanks to God for his power.

Brother Dale Phillips made and excellent effort of coordinating the group. And the pastor Brian Hodge from Waverly was the speaker of the fifth anniversary of our mission and a hard worker. He is our guest for our anniversaries at the mission. This is the second time that he preached on this special celebration.

We envision celebrating the Husk Corn Festival at the Peace Park on November 18, 2006. On that Saturday the idea is that the women from different parts of the country that are Baptist will bring their handcrafted articles for sale. We will have Christian music and typical food for sale. That day we will collect the offering from women for the world day of pray of the BWA that is used for helping women around the world for special projects.

We will be in touch and continue to build up the dream of peace in El Salvador.

Love in Christ,

Rev. Dr. Magda Aguirre
Missionera El Salvador