International Ministries

God With Us

December 20, 2005 Journal

The world seems very small this Christmas, as we remember friends and family that are scattered all over the globe.It shrinks as we now communicate so quickly between the United States, India, Hungary, England, Bangladesh, South Korea, Thailand, and other countries.And then, as we learn to instant message and even talk over the computer with the web-camera to friends that are miles away, it shrinks still more!

This is a comfort as we move into the next stage of our family life:Anna started college this year at Taylor University in Indiana.Lisa, grade 11, will be looking at colleges in the next few months.Kara, grade 9, hasn't given it much thought yet, but we know the time will come quicker than her parents might like.

We returned from India to the USA in June, finding that airline travel around our small world goes so fast that it took some days for our souls to catch up with our bodies.It has been a blessing to have time with family, to renew friendships, and to relax at Green Lake.The snow we have gotten so far this year here in Wisconsin has been a delight and we are glad we will enjoy a whole winter of it.

Worshiping in many different Baptist churches as we have traveled to do deputation in the last few months has also been a blessing for us.We have been able to share stories of Christ in the world and get to know our American Baptist brothers and sisters – all the way from New York to Nebraska and many points in between.As the world gets smaller, it is harder to feel removed from people who are suffering in this country and in other parts of the world as a result of earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, mudslides, or fires – they are no longer people far away, but truly our neighbors.

May the God who is with us in Christ, help us to be Christ to each other this year.

Emmanuel blessings,

David and Betsy Perkins,

Anna, Lisa and Kara