International Ministries

Continued Engagement of Service

May 30, 2006 Journal

It is a pleasure to present a gallery of photos to all of you on how the retaining wall is looking at digging in trenchthis time.

Thanks to God the rainy season will not start here in a heavy way giving us time to continue with the work at the wall.

With only 12 workers and a firm desire to go ahead with the project the different photos will give and idea of how the work is looking. To cut costs we are just working with machinery because it is so high in cost for maintaining the workers.

the wall so farI am also including photos of the channel that leads the water from the upper side of the community avoiding the waters from the rainy season passing through the park.

I know that you are continuing with your prayers for us, is not easy but we won't give up finishing the work here. We do Building up the blocks.continue to ask for your prayers.

We are low in income for continuing but in some senses we see the mercy of God with us because in some ways he continues adding some income to our work. We try to add income with sales of different things that help us with the work.

The coming of a group in July from Illinois will give us happiness. We know that Brother Dale Phillips and the entire group from Illinois will come to serve with all their hearts.

Continue with your prayers for the committee of brothers and sisters that work for this challenge project. Our brothers Dale and Mike from Illinois and Rhode Island will need your input for continued engagement with this wonderful experience for service to our kids here.

From these different photos you can see the work here.

Rev. Dr. Magda Aguirre
Missionera El Salvador