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April 3, 2006 Journal

The Latin-American Baptist Seminary presented on March 17-18 the Academic Conferences Academic Conferences for Baptist pastorsfeaturing Manuel Figueroa a past pastor of our Baptist tradition here in El Salvador and scholar of the studies of the Bible. In honor of his memory the pastors received Academic Conferences around the understanding of the Apocalypses or Revelation Book with a pastoral perspective.

A fresh and different lecture was shared with pastors in the Academic Conferences for Baptist pastors of El Salvador with the theologies Juan Stam, a bright man with a deep understanding of Revelation. With the assistance of 40 persons we started the conferences. In the interim we had the honor to see the signing of the covenant of training pastors between the Baptist Federation and our Seminary. The presidents of The signing.both institutions signing it, in presence of the assistants was an important moment.

Then Scholar Juan Stam had the honor to share two times with World Vision and in the Private Baptist School of Santa Ana his thoughts with the students there.

Our conference for people of churches was open on March 20-23 with an estimated amount of 70 persons each night. No doubt that was an excellent testimony for our contribution to the churches to learn more deeply the Revelation book and change the old misunderstanding of the liturgical, spiritual and comfort in the persecution period of the primitive church.

Thanks for Dr. Juan Stam and his innumerable experiences of a man that loves Jesus, His Word and the church.

Rev. Dr. Magda Aguirre

Rector SEBLA