International Ministries

Building Up Peace

March 26, 2006 Journal

A week ago from March 11th to 20th 2006 we received 25 volunteers to work on the retaining wall project from 10 churches in Rhode Island and Illinois.On March 20th I said that I will see again this group of builders of peace in El Salvador. I amWork group from Rhode Island and Illinois. sure of this because the experience that they had here transformed their lives.

This all started few months ago when Mike Kelly made a connection between 10 churches represented in an ecumenical relation for service to others in El Salvador.Many didn't know each other but something challenged them to be in this peculiar group work on building a retaining wall for the future Peace Park at el Puente Cusctlan, El Salvador.

The connection of these people with the Salvadorians was with the chicken Campero, a Salvadorian prepared chicken with pupusas. This is a typical food of the people. A soccer game with the workers that left one shoulder hit, one knee scraped and the pastor with a red cheek. But finally all made connections with the Salvadorian workers. The soccer score was 4 to 3 in favor of the Salvadorians.We made connections possibility with peace relations and hard work in common union. I celebrate the hard workers that did more that we expected but God gave the strength for doing well. Thank you to the coordinators, Mike Kelley of Preparing for the retaining wall.Northwood, RI and Dale Phillips from Waverly, IL for their efforts and contributions during this memorable week.

The work as been started but there is much to be done. To receive information about what is going on with this project write an email to Mike or Dale Phillips at or myself

We know that together we can help build up the peace for our friends in El Salvador in different way.

Love in Christ and peace in his name,

Rev. Dr. Magda Aguirre

Missioner El Salvador