International Ministries

Volunteer update - 1/21/10

January 20, 2010 Journal
Thank you for your outpouring of support and offers to go and serve in Haiti.  We are continually receiving updates from our field personnel regarding needs, and are working with the North American Baptist Fellowship, various sending agencies, and government agencies to find volunteers as many opportunities to serve as possible.

 As you may have heard through the media, medical personnel are desperately needed as are medical supplies, funds, and prayers. Our missionaries are sending requests of what they do need.  Other agencies are asking for specific personnel on teams, for instance two orthopedic surgeons, two anesthesiologists, five nurses (OR nurses, and post op/critical care nurses).  We are asking anyone who wishes to volunteer to complete our brief volunteer application process and then pray and wait.

 We are taking names and contact information for the following:

 Medical volunteers - you may be called by us, a different sending agency, or not at all - depending on need!

Rebuilding - This long-term strategy is not only rebuilding safe homes, schools, clinics, and more, it is also rebuilding stronger communities for Haiti through our Baptist partners.  We'd like you to fill out a volunteer application so that we can get a better idea of language skills, availability, and experience.  The volunteer application and reference form are available at volunteer resources and reference form

 Below are three organizations besides our partnering agencies and missionaries that are advertising for medical personnel.  Please understand that we are not endorsing these organizations, merely offering them as potential avenues for service.

Again, thank you all for your help, your offers of service, and your patience!  May God richly bless you.

 Angela, Herb, Eunice