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Ministries Happen Because You Are Committed

September 18, 2006 Journal

Dear Loved Ones,

Be surprised by God. Pray. Give. Be amazed...Eph. 3:20.

Our summer vacation is over. The school year has started. This year I have 3 courses to teach in the regular program and 2 in the professional program for students who come two week ends a month. I have also one class with those working on their masters' degree. I have two assistant teachers to train. Among the two a young girl who just graduated last May with her Bachelor degree in theology.I have two master thesis degrees to supervise. We have not yet talked about the Bachelor thesis. To this load I have to visit some churches and preach here and there when called.

I spent the whole summer on the campus welcoming different groups that meet on our campus each summer. This year we had the opportunity to welcome on this campus many children from around Haiti that are being supported by Compassion International.

The tireless Kihomi started in Saint Louis, Missouri for the Great Rivers Region, then on to Trinidad & Tobacco, Stockbridge, Georgia, and Mesa, Arizona to visit the children that were vacationing there. It was a rich and blessed time every where. At the Caribbean Baptist Women's Union annual conference in Trinidad, she presented a paper and renewed her ties with some authorities of the Baptist World Alliance Women's department: the Rev. Dorothy Selebano, the president and Miss Pasty Davis, the director.

After training women in the church ministries, she is now busy training the trainers of the trainers in the community health issues. She has some church visits here and there before flying to Arizona for the promotion of the World Mission Offering.

The children are doing fine. Nzunga Magimvuyu is in Mesa, Arizona dreaming on her RN degree. Nzunga Mafungu is in Salina, Kansas dreaming on his Bachelor degree in communication next May. Nzunga Giguya & Pambi are back in their school in Eleutera, Bahamas. Giguya is in 11th and Pambi in 9th grades.

Our family has grown big with the turtles giving us some babies. We just saw one but we think that they are many in our small fish pond. Those creatures are our TV, Movies, Restaurants, Newspapers… in a place where there is not much to entertain us.

We continue to help with medical needs for those needing financial assistance, food for the hungry, clothes for the naked, counsels for the discouraged and the confused, scholarships and school supplies for those needing to study, toys and soccer balls for children. These different ministries happen because you are committed to changing life in Haiti. Your support means that we are going to be here in spite of the insecurity in the country and make a difference in the name of Jesus. If we were to send you all the THANK YOUs from around Haiti, there is no plane or a boat big enough to carry them to you. Since we don't know enough English we say THANK YOU for your support of our ministries and of the life in Haiti.

May God continue to bless you, yours and all those who are dear to you all.


Serving the Master in Haiti

Nzunga Mabudiga & Kihomi Ngwemi Nzunga