International Ministries

The Amazing Strong Woman

March 23, 2006 Journal

Dear Loved Ones,

May our heavenly Father grant you peace and joy. We are fine over here and it is getting hot.

I have many times wondered where do women get all their energy that allows them to accomplish so much. They have to work in the house and they work outside. And they are still strong. This life of a women has always amazed me as I try to observe it in Kihomi's, my wife, daily activities.

Kihomi has been very active and busy. Just to make the point. From February 24 to 28 she had a seminar with over 80 women leaders who came from around the country in Camp-Coq. When they meet they work days and nights with lamps that can barely give enough light.Right after getting back home, she had another one with Medical Ambassadors on March 3 to 5. Since Monday MarchKihomi teaching life skills

20-24 she has been in Cap-Haitian with doctors and nurses studying about community health. Beside these meetings, she meets formally and informally with women besides the visits she has here and there. When she gets home it will be time to get ready for Nassau, Bahamas, where she plans also to meet with the woman president of the Caribbean Baptist Women Union.And then she has planned a trip with women in Bas Plateau region after Nassau.And she is still strong.

I could not stop thinking about what she jokingly says sometimes "Women ministry is my life". Behind being her life, I deeply believe that we get our energy from the many prayers, letters, cards, phone calls, boxes of all kinds of gifts, and financial support we get. It is really you, through us as your avenue, ministering to our brother and sister Haitians. We say thank you for the love and many sacrifices you endure to have the ministry happen on this island.

With love and Thanksgivings

Yours in Haiti,

Nzunga Mabudiga

Kihomi Ngwemi Nzunga