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Update from Nancy James

January 15, 2010 Journal
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Update from Nancy James.

5:50 p.m. Friday. Nancy heard from Steve, via the SAT phone, and they arrived safely in Port.  The trip was slow due to bad roads and heavy traffic in Gonaives.  Many buses of people leaving Port fleeing to the north where there is food and water and hopefully family or friends.  Steve's group went to a well known area of town called Delmas where there was much damage to most buildings.  Some on the truck witnessed bodies lying by the side of the road.  Many people were milling around the streets covering their noses with handkerchiefs due to the stench, afraid to enter their homes.

As it is already starting to get dark they are leaving town to arrive at TiTanyan where they hope to spend the night.

    > Please pray for the wisdom as they go back on Saturday morning accessing the


    >Pray that the distribution points for food and water will be decided and that

    distribution will begin

Pray for safety and calm for everyone.

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