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Report from Steve and Nancy

January 14, 2010 Journal
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IM Missionary Leads Team Entering Port-au-Prince 
Dr. Steve James is today traveling into southern Haiti, the epicenter of Tuesday’s horrific earthquake. Dr. James is accompanied by Dr. Arch Woodard of North Carolina and Roy Durgin, a volunteer from New York. In the devastated area surrounding Port-au-Prince they will unite with Pastor Emmanuel Pierre of the Haitian Baptist Convention who departed with a group from Cap Haitien earlier this morning.  
While providing some immediate care for earthquake victims, Dr. James and his associates will assess needs. Representing Haitian, Cooperative and American Baptists, the team will be a tangible presence of the hands and feet of Jesus Christ among the victims
The group will attempt to make their way to the church served by Pastor Biene Lamerique who was killed in the quake along with other members of the church. The team will seek to minister to congregation members that have survived.
Dr. James asks for prayer. The team expects to be at TiTanyen outside of Port-au-Prince and then return to Cap Haitien to shape follow-up procedures that will be closely coordinated with the work of other groups and individuals. Steve stresses the importance of working with others and not initiating isolated operations. Dr. James discourages general volunteers from coming to help until a plan is in place to best utilize their skills.
Reports out of Port-au-Prince indicate that 90% of the buildings in the capitol city are down and that the team should be prepared for the worst.
Steve and Nancy James, medical missionaries jointly commissioned by American Baptist International Ministries and the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, were in the US when the quake struck. They have since returned to Cap Haitien in northern Haiti. Steve reports that last night he began wondering what impact one person could have in the midst of such huge need. While pondering this, the Lord reminded him the incident of the boy with the five loaves and two fish (Mark 6:30-44). Steve was encouraged, saying, "The Lord will multiply what we give to him.”
Reported by Reid Trulson.