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Life of the Sick in Haiti

August 2, 2005 Journal

Dear Loved Ones,

Peace and love of Chirst to all of you. July 6, the thieves broke open the Haut-Limbe clinic taking with them the medication worth over US $2,000.00 that night. The cries were all over since this clinic is the hope of this poor community.

When I learned the story, I was saddened that our own people are destroying the same clinic that is saving the lives of all of us in a country where violence has paralyzed most of the vital activities.After much prayers and reflection, I gave them two big boxes full of all kinds of medication, 3 boxes full of empty medicine bottles, gifts from churches in the States.

Our action is far to replace the stolen medication but as small it may be, it is enough to make the difference in the life of a sick and poor person around here.

Thank you to all of you for helping make the difference in the caring ministry of the clinic.

Let us pray:

Serving you in Haiti

Nzunga Mabudiga

Kihomi Ngwemi Nzunga

Nzunga Giguya

Nzunga Pambi