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October 14, 2003 Journal

Dear Loved Ones,

We would very much appreciate your prayers as the Baptist Women Association that Kihomi heads is going to meet in Camps Coq for a training conference.

Kihomi will leave the house on Thursday afternoon and be back Sunday. She has been busy getting the materials ready. At the conference, they will learn many new things on women ministries, the association and its importance in the life of the Baptist denomination of Haiti (CBH).

They will also be learning about"THE SILENT KILLER, THE HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE." A doctor is ready to give this teaching and many nurses are ready with their stethoscopes and sphygmomanometers to check on all the participants and refer the ones with hypertension to the health center or dispensary. The idea is that many people go around with hypertension without knowing it. This teaching and many more related to health issues will be intensified in our churches.

This ministry is only possible because you care for us over here. Your giving to the World Mission Offering helps us share the knowledge so that nobody will perish because she/he does not have the knowledge.

May God be with you all.