International Ministries

When Someone Cares

May 23, 2002 Journal

Dear Friends,

Greetings in His Holy name.

I hope this story will interest you. The day Agape Flights comes from the States to Haiti to bring us mail and things we have ordered could be Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. We value this day since it is the only occasion we get mail. Once we get the pack of mail, we go through to see where the letters have come from before opening them.

On this particular Wednesday, in the pack of mail, we had a letter from our daughter, Nzunga Magimvuyu, who has just finished her freshman year at Judson College in Elgin, Illinois. I decided to read her letter first. In the envelope, we received a check of US $17. I did not know how a girl in need of money could send her parents money. The check had a note that read like this.

Dear Dad,

This check comes from a friend of mine. He was going to burn his chemistry book and I encouraged him to sell the book and send the money to a third world country. I convinced him. So he asked me if I would take care of this project. So here is the money. Use it to support the tuition of one student among the children you support.

Signed Nzunga Magimvuyu

A very simple project but it is going to have an impact in the life of one Haitian child. It will help someone from becoming nobody into somebody.

Sincerely yours

Nzunga Mabudiga