International Ministries

Dedication of the Temple School

September 18, 2005 Journal

Dear friends,

May God be with all of you. It's a pleasure to share with you memories of the dedication of the temple school in las Cocinas San Miguel, El Salvador.

The land that was purchased was a gift from the First Baptist Church, New London, N.H., and the temple was a gift by the Iglesia Bautista de Jerusalem Luquillo, P.R..

Present at the celebration was the President of the Baptist Federation, Baptist Churches of the oriental side of the country, children Volunteers receiving gifts of cloth.and parents of the kids of Las Cocinas. They included recognition of the volunteers and mothers that helped in the construction. The gifts that were presented to the volunteers were cloth that was donated buy the Baptist Church of Jerusalem Luquillo, P.R.

We included the funds raised from the sale of used cloths to pay for the electrical connection to the building. Thanks to God it was made possible. Thank you for the gifts brought by the churches for the mission.

The kids had a bible class and piñatas with candy and also a lunch donated buy the church and parents from the school.

It was really was a fiesta of the spirit. I read the letters sent from both the churches and the plaque was disclosed by the old men from the mission and one kid of the school.

Revs. Deliris Carrion was the preacher of the occasion she came with two hats; Deliris Carrion at the clothing like the missionary of BIM and the other a member of the Church of Jerusalem. We hope that the good news continues to be proclaimed in that area for his glory.

Rvd. Dr. Magda Aguirre