International Ministries

Help Getting Seeds Out of Customs

October 6, 2005 Journal

Dear Friends,

As you know we're still waiting for the pre-germinated palm seeds shipped from Costa Rick about 10 days ago.Our contacts in Kinshasa confirm that the seeds arrived there a week ago today.And as of Monday afternoon they were still being held by customs officials.

Despite the fact that the US Embassy is handling the customs clearance (and presumably have worked out the procedures for the most rapid service possible) and the shipment is marked clearly that it is a perishable commodity, someone in the customs office seems to be holding out for a consideration.$21,000 worth of seed the palm promotion program of three church communities hangs in the balance.If the seed is not planted by next Wednesday, the growing roots become much more susceptible to damage in transit and planting.The longer the delays, the bigger the potential loss.

We know that many of you have been praying through this critical period that the customs delays and transportation disruptions would be taken care.We believe that God has made it possible for us to come this far with the program and doesn't intend for it to end here.Here at Lusekele alone over 700 farm families are already developing personal plantations to complement their other activities.This year's seed shipment will make it possible for more families to join them. Whatever the problem is people with open hearts and creative minds can solve it.We pray that God will provide those people now. Please join us, asking God to show us His solution.And invite other people to intervene as well.

May God's will be done here, now, as it is in Heaven,