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Building in Good Faith

July 17, 2005 Journal

Dear friends

I want to update you on the works of the challenge of the retaining wall in El Puente Cusctlan where we have the mission field Bridge of Salvation.

This week I called the engineer of the dam in El Puente Cuscatlan, to make a petition for the studies on the levels of the water in the Lempas River when they open the gates of the dam. He was so marvelous about the idea and he is very happy to see what the church is doing in favor of the community. He asked me for a letter addressed to his boss and I prepared it and sent it to the director of the electric company call CEL.

With three members of the church we visited the mayor of Estanzuelas on July 14, to formally present the project. He was not present for he had an emergency reunion far away, but the secretary of the mayor received the group and we explained the project. He asked for more details about the amount of dirt for the refill area and we told him that this will be prepared with the assistance of the men that are doing the studies of the area. We will see the mayor the first week of August. We asked if the mayor can visit the place and the secretary said that he could do that.

Yesterday Sunday the 17th, with the presence of the architect, the measurements were done to the area for establishing the point of the retaining wall and he will return in two weeks to finish the measuring of the area for the peace park.

I hope that before August 15th we will have the drawing plan of the retaining wall and the differences to be constructed.

I was talking with the treasurer of the mission about the need to start on the refill area. When I return from the Baptist World Alliance congress we will visit a man that is close to our church to ask for permission to take the dirt from his place.

I read the minutes of the Retaining Meeting Group held on July 12th and here I share the news. All here in Jucuapa, and Puente Cusctlan we are praying for the project and for persons like all of you that know about the dream of these people that they can have a different reality in the area here. We are sustaining this in our prayers.

Rev. Dr. Magda Aguirre

Missionary El Salvador