International Ministries

Using the Gifts for His Glory

July 4, 2005 Journal

A group of People from the Great Rivers Region visited El Salvador on June 25 to July 2, 2005. In Group from Great Rivers Region.coordination with the Baptist Federation of El Salvador ( FEBES) and International Ministries the group came to us in El Salvador. Mainly the group came from Waverly and Dear Creek with representation from three other churches of the Region of Great Rivers from Illinois. The leaders were Pastor Brian Hodge of Waverly and Greg Martha from Dear Creek.

The sixteen people were divided into four groups for sharing different gifts. The group for the music camp had 24 persons attend where they were taught how to play the keyboard. Another group helped paint the facilities of the school of Jucuapa and the rest helped in building up two houses for two families of different places. Marta Chavez a single mother in Puente Cuscatlan and the Juan Guevara from Lolotique were the ones that benefited with the houses.

The group visited the churches of Bridge of Salvation on Mission Field that celebrate their four anniversary where pastor Brian Hodge gave and excellent message there and after that the worship in Jucuapa where pastor Brian Hodge give us the sermon of the occasion

They include also the reunion with the women of both churches where the women of the groups share the message for hers.

The visit of our brothers and sisters move us to give thanks for the opportunity to share with people that have love for Jesus Christ.