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December 8, 2009 Journal

Friends and family,

You may think a volunteer here in Thailand has fixed expenses, well not exactly. There are frequent requests such as these from the school.  So many projects that I want to support in as many ways as possible.  Seeing effective ministries first hand would have you digging deep too, I know.

The Christmas Outreach planned by the Thai staff at our school was well received by the remote tribal school we visited last year.  Our students presented songs and the Christmas story in drama.  All of our kids and their kids played games.  Then we give them the gifts. The response of the students was good.  Our students are blessed as they extend the love of Christ Jesus to others. 

Another outreach has been planned for this year.  You can read about it below my note.

Blessings, Sandy

This is an example of how Family Learning Center reaches out to the communities!

Dear FLC Teachers, Families and Friends,

CHRISTMAS OUTREACH:  Please note that the Christmas outreach this year is planned for Baan Nam Jum School in Maesai.  This is an elementary school made up of 191 students in kindergarten - 6th grades.  The Neel Roberts family has been doing ministry with this school, and Khun Chalor, Khruu Oy, and our other Thai Department staff are coordinating our outreach there.  As we want to make a good impression, all students are asked to wear grey uniform shirts and solid-colored long pants (in good condition) that day.

As we have done in the past, we are collecting money and items that can be donated to the school and its students.  We'd like to make up gift bags for each student:  notepads, pencils, erasers, candy, snacks, small colored pencils and/or crayons.  Please consider shopping for these items with your children and/or contributing money to help purchase them. 

The school also would love to have some marching/parade drums.  They have no instruments whatsoever and will be hosting a fairly large school event on the 21st of December.  It would be wonderful to provide some of these items for them.  The cost of a tri-drum set is 5482 baht.  A big drum costs 2099 baht.  The smaller parade drums cost 1241 baht and, if possible, they would like 6 of these, totaling 8,823 baht.  We have someone who has already committed to the tri-drum set, so we need an additional 11,000 baht or so to be able to purchase the entire set of drums for them.  We will purchase whatever we are able to based on the amount we are able to raise.  All monies will be collected in the office by Pii Noo.  Please let her know if you are designating your money for any particular item(s).  Please turn any money donations to Pii Noo by Friday, December 11th.