International Ministries

The Rock and the Needed Miracle

March 28, 2005 Journal

This past day of Resurrection I preached in Jucuapa around the event of the women that has their mission to cover with oils the body of Jesus Christ. Matthew 28:1-10. I remember the worries of the women. The issue was how they will move the rock in front of the tomb of Jesus. The miracle was done and the earthquake moved it and the angel gave the message to the ladies.

We have a rock in the mission of El Puente Cucatlan that is in the border of the land. It is our signal of faith. The rainy season will come soon in this part of the country. The rock is the signal of how urgently they need the retaining wall. In the past year the rock was in the same position but the border was significantly distant. The water eroded the earth, now the rock is really in the border. The rainy season will move the rock to the low level of the land. That is the emergency. If the water comes, the dirt will continue falling down and finally we will have the border in front of the small building that is the temple.

You have the experience to see by your self. It will be good to avoid that the rock goes to the Lempas River in the near future. The retaining wall is our challenge for this period for the security of our mission.

See the signal of the rock and move a head for the retaining wall.

Rev. Dr. Magda Aguirre

Missionary El Salvador