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December 2, 2009 Journal
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Dear friends,

Let’s play a game.  I will describe some things about a person, and you choose which answer is correct.

1.  I am a musician.  I play the piano, and my dream is to play in Memphis.  I also play the oboe.  My favorite composer is Mozart.  I have had to take some other work while I am waiting to be discovered.
a.  I am a taxi driver in Los Angeles.
b.  I am a youth director in a church in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.
c.  I am a waiter in Cairo, Egypt.
d.  I am a former child prodigy in Singapore.

2. I have my own television show on which I preach twice a week.  I tell off-color jokes in mixed company with barely a formal introduction.  I fib a bit about being married when it is convenient.
a.  I am a tele-evangelist in Colorado.
b.  I am a teacher in a famous Muslim university in the Middle East.
c.  I am the Abbot of a monastery in Cambodia.
d.  I am a Jewish rabbi in New York.

3. I have a university education.  I speak four languages.  I am not married, but am working hard to get the money to do so.
a.  I am a waiter in Cairo.
b.  I am a camel driver at Mt Sinai.
c.  I am a hotel receptionist in Egypt.
d.  I am a tour guide in Egypt.

The answers are: 1C, 2B, and all the answers are correct for 3.

I am not sure what pictures come to your mind when you hear the name “Egypt.”   Is the presence of around 8 million or more Christians among those? Although I have been to Egypt before, the first time in 1972, my mind was repeatedly jarred by my own perceptions and the people and experiences I encountered.  Traffic and pollution problems bigger than the pyramids, the stark beauty of Mt. Sinai, and the vision of ships seeming to sail across the desert as we neared the Suez Canal are all lasting images.

If you have not visited Egypt yourself, I guarantee that it is a country full of surprises, no matter how much you have read about it.  A fact of common knowledge that is nevertheless surprising is that nearly all of Egypt’s 78 million people live along the Nile River in an area of about 15,000 square miles, or about half the size of South Carolina.

Would it surprise you to know that International Ministries helps to support some excellent development work in “Garbage City” where recycling occurs in some amazingly creative ways?  Micro-credit programs with phenomenal repayment records continue to improve the lives of urban poor in dramatic ways.  Or would it surprise you to know that next year’s Xtreme Team is planning to Xperience Egypt? Or that I am going to lead it next June and July?  International Ministries continues to work in surprising places and surprising ways.  I am Xtremely grateful  for your support!

Yours in Christ,

Walt White
IM Global Consultant