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March 16, 2005 Journal

Brother and sisters:

May God be with you in all your love and caring for others. The past January and February 2005 started in a very busy way.

During the period of January 15-24, 2005 I spent my time in the area of Illinois. It was a privilege to share in the Mission Conference of the Great Rivers Region and visit 10 churches in the area. It was a busy schedule but a beautiful experience of churches that understood the calling for mission. I thank Pastor Richard Olson of Minonk Baptist Church that took care of the schedule and all the details of the trip. It was a success.

The preparation for the groups from Rhode Island and Illinois, that represented 6 of our ABC churches, was a big challenge for me. The group consisted of 21 persons that visited Jucuapa during the period of February 5 to 14, 2005. TheyThe group from Rhode Island and Illinois with the major of time in Jucuapa. did three projects of construction. It was two houses for two women of the First Baptist Galilea's Church in Jucuapa and the salon for the bible school of las Malvinas Temple in California Usulutan. That was a magnificent experience for the churches.

The challenge project for helping the community of Puente Cuscatlan is building a retaining wall and foundation for the Community Park Project. The peace of God would be the opportunity to see the children in this place have fun and have a relaxing time in the middle of the hard life here. I thank the group that took seriously the challenge of this project. If you are interested in helping with this contact me at

A group from the Great Rivers Region (GRR) visited El Salvador with 13 pastors The group from Rhode Island and Illinois with the student of the seminary in Jucuapa, El Salvador.including two Costa Rican pastors in February 10-19, 2005. That group had the opportunity to visit the western side of the country and visit different interesting places in El Salvador. In the eastern part they had the opportunity to build two houses for families of extreme poverty in el Canton la Peña in Chinameca. The group had experiences in the night that helped them understand the special meaning of the mission for them as pastors. I give thanks to the coordinator of this trip Rev. John Grisham, who is the Minister of Mission Support in the GRR.

Prayer Request:

That the families that received the blessing of their new homes may have dignity and their self esteem will be high in the middle of the heavy work in this country.

Rev. Dr. Magda Aguirre

BIM Missionary to El Salvador