International Ministries

New Starts

February 9, 2004 Journal

On January 23 to February 1, 2004 the mission group Mission group from Central Baptist church in Springfield, ILfrom Central Baptist Church of Springfield, Illinois visited El Salvador to build two houses in Canton La Puerta a mission field sponsor by the New Salem Baptist Church from San Miguel, El Salvador.

I helped the church in coordination work and a translation session.That was my first time doing that but thanks to God and the gift of tongues, He blessed me that week.

The building of houses was a preface for building relationships with churches we encounter.The 12 brothers and sisters did excellent work and hopefully we will see them again.

On February fourth with the coordination of SEBLA the Training pastors in Jucuapa.Baptist Seminary of El Salvador and the coordination of FEBES Baptist Federation established the center for training pastors in Jucuapa, a town in the eastern area of El Salvador. That is in the church that mainly I work with.This was a dream long time waiting and thanks to God and the international gift it is a reality.

The group will have eight courses with different themes.I will give four of them and the professor from SEBLA will give the other four. The group has 16 students including five women.

Our Lord is moving people to be ready to do his job.

Rev. Dr. Magda Aguirre