International Ministries

Here we come!

April 26, 2002 Journal

Dear Friends:

"California here we come!"

AT LAST we have some more definitive travel plans for our return and the beginning of our exciting year of presence with you with "real human touch" replacing the flow of "electrons" across great distances.

AND, we have a permanent mailing address for the year:

Virgil & Lynn Nelson PO Box 2188 Ventura, CA93002-2188

We are still looking for a house to "sit" or for a small apartment to rent, and a fuel-efficient car for use/rental, from September – May 2002. Our preference would be west Ventura County since our children are all in California, and also we would rather not "start over" in a totally new community.


WHEN WILL YOU BE HOME? We will be leaving Kikongo a couple of days after the Pastoral School graduation. We will be arriving in Ventura, CA toward the end of the first week of July.HOWEVER, we will be making final preparations of our educational resources, and video, etc. for use at Green Lake, Wisconsin the last week of July and first week of August.

WHEN WILL YOU BE AVAILABLE TO VISIT OR TO SHARE WITH US? After a brief reunion in August with our children, we will need to get "settled in" and will hopefully be ready to begin sharing in September.

ARE YOU QUITTING MINISTRY OVERSEAS? NO. We signed on as "career" missionaries, (albeit at a LATE start date!), and this year in the States is part of the normal 5-year rhythm: 3 or 4 years in the field, followed by one year in the U.S. Our work in the states will be with you for one year, helping to understand and interpret the challenges of ministry in this seemingly simple yet exceedingly complex situation.

ARE WE GOING BACK TO THE DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF THE CONGO? At the end of our year in the U.S., IF we are asked to return by CBCO (our Congolese partners), and IF we feel that the responsibilities they want us to assume are consistent with our calling, then we will happily return for another 4 years.If we are not called back, we are open to living/serving in some other part of our international community.

HOW CAN A GROUP ASK/SCHEDULE US TO VISIT? If you are in an American Baptist Church, you need only to call your Regional Minister of Mission Support to place your request. S/he will forward that on to Ruthie Stevenson at International Ministries who is helping coordinate the availability of ALL missionaries on U.S. Assignment.

If you are not an American Baptist but are interested in our coming, please contact the pastor or someone on the missions committee of an ABC church near you.S/he can give you the name and number of the Regional Minister of Mission Support. To find a church near you, check the ABC website then click on Church Search.

CAN'T WE JUST CALL YOU DIRECT? Yes, to chat and catch-up, once we know our phone number.But ALL final arrangements and scheduling must be made through the above process.

We can hardly wait to visit with you!THANKS for your ongoing prayers and support.


Virgil and Lynn